Thursday, 7 May 2009

Real Travel Magazine - May 2009: book review of Chris Harrison's "Head Over Heel"

A book review for UK-based Real Travel magazine:

Chris Harrison’s account of his love affair with Italy and Daniela, a shapely signorina from Puglia, makes for an entertaining, well written and insightful novel that will resonate with anyone who has ever relocated to foreign shores.

On a chance trip to Dublin, Aussie Chris falls head over heels in love with Daniela. With no choice but to leave his life down-under and follow his beloved to the Southern heel of Italy, Chris is faced with all the trials and tribulations of moving to an Italian rural village.

The image of the foreigner as he appears in the eyes of his new-found colleagues and friends is made very clear and leads to many humorous moments. The ensuing madness leaves you in no doubt that this is Italy (corrupt government authorities, dangerous drivers, bizarre catholic traditions) and keeps you turning pages long into the night.